Join the club, and let's work together

to support our youth in education,

entrepreneurship, and the arts!



Always In The Club Foundation's mission is to promote and support outstanding non-profits dedicated to youth in arts, education, and entrepreneurship. AITCF’s activities include fundraising for charities, providing program/project financing, and providing scholarships and entrepreneurship training for young people through partnerships with corporations, financial institutions, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Now, how do we do that? One of the ways is through an innovative cause related marketing technique (CRM) that we call F.A.M.E.

F.A.M.E. intentionally, and effectively, leverages fame for the cause of philanthropy and entrepreneurship. It is a partnership between A-list celebrities, large and small corporations, and Always In The Club Foundation and its affiliates. It identifies and brings together key corporations and key brands; uses leveraged F.A.M.E. to build partnerships that build sales of those key brands, who in turn donate shares of their proceeds to charities through the activities of AITCF.

AITCF uses leveraged F.A.M.E. to create for key brands:
1. Fame..…“top of mind awareness”/hype/driving customer traffic into retail outlets.

AITCF uses leveraged F.A.M.E. to secure for key brands:
2. Access… the consumer at points of purchase.

AITCF uses leveraged F.A.M.E. to increase for key brands:
3. Market Share…..for partnering corporations.

AITCF uses leveraged F.A.M.E. to increase for key brands:
4. Earnings….. and profits, to be shared with our coalition of charities.

​With the support of A-list celebrities, our affiliated charities can now go to corporations who own national points of purchase, and secure distribution and shelf space for new or repurposed brands. The brands themselves are for profits, who participate with and embrace the F.A.M.E. (CRM) strategy. 

The F.A.M.E (CRM) strategy allows for-profit companies who are paired with non-profit organizations to donate funds to a charity through an event, purchase, or activity sponsored by their corporate counterparts, who afford the key brands access to their distribution and marketing networks. This F.A.M.E. (CRM) strategy offers a unique opportunity for big and small businesses to work together with not-for-profits to share a mutually beneficial experience.