Unite4:Humanity 2014

mission & vision

By leveraging F.A.M.E. and other strategies, we develop programs and provide funding for outstanding non-profits dedicated to youth in education, entrepreneurship, and arts programs in the United States.


Project: NOW is a non-profit initiative formed by Dale GodboldoAlways In The Club FoundationU.S. Dream Academy, Cherokee Gives Back, PVBLIC Foundation, and Arthur Wylie Foundation, and was announced at the Clinton Global Initiative. Project: NOW’s mission is driven by the fact that every day that a child goes without a proper education or meaningful mentorship, and in some cases, without even the ability to read, he/she falls dangerously behind in life, and is likely to fall through the cracks. This contributes to the cycle of incarceration, poverty, and the growing inequality that makes America weaker when competing in a global arena. Project: NOW stresses the urgency of NOW in executing a series of new programs that will leverage public and private partnerships, scholarships, mentorship, arts training, and media to increase literacy, college acceptance rates, and entrepreneurial pursuits in the underserved communities we target. Comprehensive public/private and community outreach strategies will be used to bring attention to the Project: NOW initiative, calling for action NOW to save our kids from the cycle of ignorance, incarceration, and poverty.  

​In addition to direct programs and outreach strategies, the Project: NOW initiative aspires to utilize and bring awareness to Social Impact Bonds to scale the success of existing at-risk youth non-profit programs that we target. Impact bonds use existing public and private funding sources to expand the provision of existing programs that have demonstrated effectiveness at increasing test scores and high school/college graduation rates for students growing up in inner-city communities in the U.S. Its mission is to lead to greater equality of opportunities across the nation, as well as a reduction in public spending on incarceration. Part of this awareness campaign includes the creation of a large-scale event that brings Hollywood, government, and communities together for a multi-day call to action convention, to include conferences, panels, entertainment, and commitment-based non-profit activation.

                                          For details on our CGI Commitment To Take Action, please visit Clinton Global Initiative ==> HERE


We're proud to announce our Project:NOW Initiative helping at-risk youth in underserved communities in America. Project:NOW was launched at Clinton Global Initiative, and with help from President George W. Bush at the Inaugural Legacy Project Dinner in New York.

"The Mouse Club was as much a performing arts high school and business academy, as it was a television series. The structure, support and training we received served as an important foundational element for so many from that show, and why I am passionate about giving young people similar opportunities.”

Foundation History

from MMC to Philanthropy

  1. 1994 - Dale Godboldo wraps production on four seasons of Disney Channel's "The All New Mickey Mouse Club," alongside Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Keri Russell, NSYNC's JC Chasez, NBC The Voice's Tony Lucca, En Vogue's Rhona Bennett, and MTV Awkward's Nikki DeLoach, among others. 
  2. 2012 -After enjoying a successful career appearing in over 130 episodes of television and a dozen films  (co-satrring in the Emmy winning "The People v. OJ SImpson" as Carl Douglas), and launching a film production company with Lionsgate, Dale is compelled to leverage his experience and maximize his resources to give back. In recognizing and appreciating his foundation as a former Mouseketeer, Dale announces his global initiative to support youth in arts and entertainment. Dale begins by working with GreenRoots Productions on a series of concerts that raise funds for charity, including Kids In The Spotlight, which is dedicated to youth in arts programs in Los Angeles. 
  3. Dale also partners with Arthur Wylie to sponsor legendary casting director for Spike Lee, and currently Vice President of BET Networks, Robi Reed's End of Summer Celebration benefitting aids research.
  4. Dale teams up with long-time business partner and United States Marine Corps veteran, Kuo Yang, on several charitable events in collaboration with Kuo's women's fashion boutique called Brigade LA in downtown Los Angeles.  Benefitting charities have included The United States Marine Corps Reserve Toys For TotsDowntown Women's Shelter, and OBAKKI Foundation.
  5. After several years of incubation, Dale and Kuo also launch the brand Always In The Club and its  Facebook and Twitter - the first MMC fan pages managed by a former Mousketeer. Their motto is 'Once in the club... Always In the Club.'
  6. 2013 -Dale commits his time to serve as a judge for Miss America's Outstanding Teen Competition, a non-profit with a focus on providing scholarships to outstanding young ladies.
  7. Dale also joins the fundraising team for the Inaugural "Unite4:Humanity" with President Bill Clinton, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese, John Sykes (President, Clearchannel), Selena Gomez, and Alicia Keys, among others. Dale also fundraised for Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project and Halle Berry's Jenesse Center with help from keynote speaker James Cameron.​
  8. 2014 -Fiscally sponsored by US Dream Academy, Dale founds Always In The Club Foundation during the 25th Anniversary of the series premier of The All New Mickey Mouse Club. Inspired by Disney's legacy, AITCF's mission is to help youth in arts, education, and entrepreneurship.
  9. AITCF also launched its Project:NOWInitiative as a member ofBill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation's Clinton Global Initiative, and held its first fundraiser in New York with President George W. Bush at the Inaugural Legacy Project Dinner. PN honored the President for his commitment to youth in education. Finally, Dale is asked by Chelsea Clinton to join her CGI LEAD team, dedicated to supporting the next generation of leaders.

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Founder, Dale Godboldo, worked with the fundraising team of unite4:good's Inaugural Unite4:Humanity gala with Bill Clinton, Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn, Martin Scorsese, Alicia Keys, and Forest Whitaker, as well as City Gala with Quincy Jones, Halle Berry, Richard Branson, and John Travolta.

Dale Godboldo

Actor/Producer/Entrepreneur... and former Mouseketeer